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Getting to Know Us

At Auto Liv Car Broker, we are brokers who work to get you good car deals. We are committed to our job. Our goal is to ensure that you get the very best deal you possibly can. Be it buying a new car or turning in an old car; we are experienced and committed to giving you the best service experience.

We help you get great deals on new cars. We serve as middlemen between you and the car dealers. You no longer have to go through the rigours of touring numerous car dealerships and haggling over prices with salespeople. Our job is to do that for you. As far as you’re concerned, all you need to sit is kick back and relax and we will take care of all the details and have the car delivered to your doorstep.

We help you get a good trade-in valuation for your old car. If you’re looking to turn in your old car for a new one, we are more than ready to work for you. We will ensure that your old car is well valued and get you a very good deal on the new car. You have nothing to worry about. You can leave the work to us, and we will get you an amazing deal.

We work with finance broker partners. Our partner will help you to compare options from different lenders and advice you on the best loan plan to adopt. They will help you avoid misleading and questionable offers which will help you to minimise your total cost.

Why Us?

Our goal is to offer you the lowest price and the best deal possible. To achieve this, we get a ton of offers from different dealers. We make sure that the prices are heavily discounted. Then, we compare the different prices to find the best deals. You can then go on to choose the deal that you prefer. Furthermore, to ensure that you truly get to spend less money, we only charge a small upfront fee. We do not have any hidden service costs.

We are not car dealers, neither are affiliated with any car dealer. We are independent third-party middlemen between you and the dealership. Therefore, we are not under any compulsion to accept a deal from any dealership if the deal is not in your best interest. Our only interest is getting you a great deal. We understand all the tactics and tricks that the salesman will try to use on you and save you from the hassle.

Our team is made up of professionals. Our professional brokers have had years of experience, a wide network of dealers across the nation and our fleet purchasing power to leverage on to give you the best advice on car deals. You don’t only get a great price, but also good independent advice is borne out of the experience with cars and car deals.

Contact us today to get the best car deals without having to go through any stress or hassle. We can’t wait to work with you.

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