Car Finance Process

Young female car sales consultant working in showroom

Our Car Loan Process

Choosing us if you’re looking to get a new or used car is a great choice. However, as brokers, our high-quality options are not just what set us apart. We also run through a seamless process that brings ease of convenience to you. In order to get you a vehicle with a competitive rate car loan, our process is designed to ensure that you don’t have to get your hands dirty. All we need is a minimum level of commitment from you. We handle the rest and ensure that you can enjoy the very best experience. So, are you wondering how it works? Well, here is what you need to know about our process.

Let Us Know Your Vehicle Needs

Our process starts with you telling us what you need from us as your car. Usually, we encourage you to research the various available options in the market. You might have seen a car on the road, and you have a preference. You can have an idea of what you want your car to be like. You might even have read a magazine where you saw a car you loved so much.

All these are okay. All you need to do is approach us with an idea of what you want to get. You can then communicate it to us. You can community the model you’re looking for, the brand, the colour, specification or even the accessories that come with the car.

When you have an idea of all these, we expect you to communicate it to us in a clear and detailed manner. Once you do this, we will have all the relevant information that we need to work with. Yes, you’ll also need to tell us whether you’re looking to get a new or used car.

Young female car sales consultant working in showroom
Young female car sales consultant working in showroom

We Explore the Car Market

When we get all that you want to be in the car, the next thing we do is get to work. We explore the market and ensure that we locate the vehicle that you want to get. You can count on us to get the job done thanks to our industry expertise and experience. This is even better thanks to our wide reach that ensures that nothing misses our attention.

We Introduce to the Vehicle

Once we are done with searching for you preferred care, we get right to present you with the available options that we have found. It gets better where we have more than one option. We provide you access to all these options, including their cost.

We also assess the option to ensure that we can determine the best quality option relative to their price. This way, you get value for your investment. Once you’re keen on buying, we will go the extra mile to ensure that we present you with a package that falls well within your budget and means.

Accept the Offer

Once you’re satisfied with our offer, you’ll then need to accept the offer. This will involve an expression of acceptance while discharging the financial obligation associated with the car.

Take Delivery

Once this is completed, you can now take delivery of the vehicle from us. Depending on your needs, we can deliver it to you!

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